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What I choose

     " Making a big life change is really scary but you know, what's even scarier? - Regret -
Which one do you choose?    

First time with floral pants

     Saigon in the rainy season, it's absolutely hard to hang out some activities outdoors and of course shooting is too. We took these photos on last Thursday!! What an amazing day!! I wore Zara blouse, floral baggy pants from Marc fashion ( a popular Vietnamese brand ) and Aldo basic heels. I never wore something floral before but I always want to try them so I chose my pants from a familiar brand for the first experience. What do you guys think ab this combination?? Please feel free to give me some comments below. Thank you so much and good night <3

Scottish inspiration

  Hot summer. The last days of June, the long journey ahead. Try our best to make the dreams come true. And today I styled this pleated plaid skirt which was inspired by medieval Scottish skirts with lace top, Aldo black heels. Lately it seems like I chose rather lots of black pieces of clothing that as isn't usual with me...hehe...It's really weird, I wonder what made this change?? Hey, it's Friday. Hope you guys to have a fabulous weekend. Love <3