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Sheer mesh panel top

     As you guys might know, the fashion week is happening in Milan. I'm in the mood of eagerness in order to see a large number of the talented designers' collections. I have to say that there are lots of amazing designs and trends that they have introduced to the fashion lovers in the next season, and I'm in love with them too much. How about you???
      Ok guys !! Now let's get back to the outfit of the day, nothing much complicated actually. I mixed this amazing top with my electric blue jeans (black and blue - I really wanna see the contrast of these two pieces). This top I got it from Marc fashion recently and I have to admit I can't get rid of my obsession for this top because it only matches with the most of look but also it fits me very well :), and I love the sheer mesh panel that designed on the top shoulders as well. They looks nice and a little bit sexy I think :). What are your thoughts on this look?? Give me some comments below. Thanks for reading <3


     Goodbye summer. I always complain about the time because it goes fast so that I still couldn't believe that the summer comes to an end. Yep, it seems that I'm sitting here to regret lots of activities I didn't experience during the summer vacation. As you might know, summer doesn't really exist in Saigon, does it? Our country is located in the Tropical Zone, there're only 2 seasons: the dry season and the rainy season and usually the dry one is longer and obviously it is way too hot for layers. Although I do love layering clothes, I still want something more casual, relaxed and above all comfortable. How conflictual I am!! :(... 
     So today I'd like to show you guys a versatile, comfortable and easy-to-wear look for the kind of unpredictable weather here. I had a cami paired with my favorite black skirt and a hat. And because the whole outfit is dark, I think the mint sandals from Zara match it very well. A few of color lighten my day :). Perfect combo for an easy day out. Hope you guys enjoy it. Love <3

Polka dot croptop

     Crop-top is absolutely the best item for the summer. You can wear it in many different combinations depending on your personality and style. To me, simple plain ones have always been my first choice ( it seems that I'm following minimalism these days?!) until I saw this crop-top. I decided to get a polka dot one. I do like the tones of mint and white of polka dot. Moreover, its kind of cloth is soft and light as well. I probably need a top like this for the hot and wet weather of Sai Gon lately. As you might see, I paired it with a black skater skirt and Aldo neon bag. I hope this neon color will bring for my dark look just a little bit of color. Good weekend, everyone. Love <3

Simple but chic

     Oops!! My hair turns black again, I should get new hair color. Honestly, I always wanna have ombre red-brown hair and I haven't never satisfied with the color which I got before....poor me!! :(
     Hey hey!!! Coming back to the look of the day as always; as you guys can see, I chose the outfits really really simple these days, the reason is the tough weather and otherwise I wanna experience something simple, easy but still chic. I've been wearing this pretty Marc fashion blouse since day 1 I got them, loving every single little detail on them, the fundamental white color, gorgeous and soft material.....Gosh I love them so bad. So going with my great blouse is the electric blue skirt and leather sandals from Vagabond. Everything is suitable for a slightly sunny day and suddenly rainy in Saigon. What do you think about my look today? Please feel free to give your ideas below!! Love <3

What I choose

     " Making a big life change is really scary but you know, what's even scarier? - Regret -
Which one do you choose?