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The early autumn

     Hi everyone! It's weekend. Have you guys had any plans? I spent the most lazy time ever, I didn't have some updates on blog about 2 weeks T_T..... I should be back :P. These images were taken a couple of weeks ago. It was the early days of the autumn so the weather was nice. I decided to wear something basic, elegant, charming and comfortable and this white dress was my choice. I also mixed it with a white pair of shoes. What made this whole look outstanding was the necklace and earrings. Sometimes, we don't need any accessories for our outfits but another time we need them like the key to help the looks more fascinating. And do you know that I just found out an jewelry shop called Floralpunk, this shop seems to be worth to discover with lots of amazing stone and  rhinestone earrings, necklaces and bracelets I guess. I will visit soon. Now it's time for bed. I was really tired from classes today. Hope you guys will have a lovely Sunday in the meantime! <3

Vampy lips

     Hi guys!! I'm so excited to share with you these images that we did in a couple of weeks ago. Because this is the first time I try the dark lips so I feel impatient to know your ideas. My outfit idea that day was paring the burgundy velvet skirt with the black combo such as Mango shopper bag, comfy t-shirt and black heels. Especially the color of lips absolutely matched with the color of this skirt (That's the idea). I also got many positive comments about how suitable the color is but I still wonder is it really appropriate to me? :P. And to finish the outfit of the day, I also added a chain necklace (it's cheap and easy for you to find in every accessories shop). Hope you guys will like this look.

3A station


     Hi guys!! What's going on? Today I 'd like to show you some pictures that I shot in 3A Station in these last couple of weeks. This is the first time we have been in this place although it was launched a little while ago. 3A Station contains a few coffee shops, studios, clothing stores and even the art gallery where you can shop, discover and take a break between for tasting some cupcakes, coffee or tea and enjoy the view on the front ....
     That day, I decided to go with the sheer blouse, the mini skirt and slip on from h&m. Oh!! I really love this top because its material is exactly wonderful, it makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable under the changeable weather of Sai Gon at times. 
     This season I 'll bust my rule and try many new things such as the dark lips, the black combo and even the knit .... and I think it's time for me to get out of my comfort zone :).... Hope you guys enjoy the look. Thanks for reading <3

Statement earrings


     I got two these earrings a few weeks ago. I have to say that I'm not really a fan of jewelry pieces but when I saw these statement earrings the first time, what attracts me in them is that the gemstones designed outstandingly. They are completely chic, sophisticated and perfect pieces as well to add to my looks and make my outfits much more luxurious and attractive. I can't wait to see how they will work out with the clothing. Thank you for reading.

Bucket bag

     I've definitely fallen in love with the bucket bag these days because it is not only cool but also absolutely convenient to bring it with me on every street. And the other reason is that I do like nude color and I haven't got any bags with that color in my closet yet. So, I got it without hesitating <3. Probably the next time it will be with me regularly.